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Test Conditions

In the laboratory, devices are tested under controlled environmental conditions to assess their performance and reliability. A detailed test plan establishes the specific parameters for this purpose.

Test protocols and calibrated testing equipment ensure accurate results. All relevant data is captured and analyzed to ensure that the devices comply with the required specifications.

The test results are documented and evaluated.

QR Code Generator
To successfully integrate your device, which utilises SPINE over SHIP for communication, into the advanced EEBUS installation process, the provision of a QR code is required. Scanning this QR code allows essential data to be accessed immediately.

This efficient method enhances the user experience and significantly accelerates the installation process.
EEBUS Qualification
The product qualification of the EEBUS standard ensures that devices and systems meet the requirements for interoperability and communication capabilities. Our qualification process guarantees that EEBUS-compatible products can work together. This promotes the dissemination of energy-efficient technologies and ensures grid-side control by establishing a unified communication basis for different manufacturers and devices.