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EEBUSummit 2024

EEBUS-Protocol: Keys to § 14a EnWG Compatibility

The EEBUS protocol constitutes a pivotal element for the effective implementation of § 14a of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG), which governs the integration of controllable consumption devices into the power grid.

EEBUS as an ideal Standard

  • EEBUS provides the necessary technology for precise communication and control of devices in accordance with the requirements outlined in § 14a of the EnWG.
  • The Living Lab Cologne facilitates comprehensive testing to ensure compliance with the provisions of § 14a of the EnWG.
  • It supports the rapid and secure integration of devices such as heat pumps and electric vehicle charging stations into the power grid.
Thus, the Living Lab contributes significantly to ensuring that devices and systems meet the requirements specified in § 14a of the EnWG and operate at their optimal capacity within the grid.

Module 1:

I speak EEBUS.

Are the EEBUS basic functions being executed? Tests against a test tool.

Module 2:

I am capable of conducting model houses, such as power limitation, tariffs, self-generated power, etc.

Which specific use cases are functional? Which model houses have I successfully passed through? Am I § 14a-ready?

Module 3:

I am capable of conducting individual E2E-Tests.

Does my device operate end-to-end in custom test setups in any combinations, beyond the defined model homes?


We have the capability to interact with test tools both upstream (prior to the meter) and downstream (post the meter) at the grid connection point. In other words, we are able to simulate both the left and right sides of the grid connection point.


Here we provide an overview of our test setups.

The emerging internationally standardised energy landscape:

You are not alone.

Solutions must adhere to international standards and comply with the regulatory requirements of each respective country. We offer practical and legally compliant solutions that we can test under real conditions at our premises in Cologne.