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EEBUS Devices

An overview of devices and products that have already been successfully tested or are being prepared for testing due to upcoming software updates is provided in the following table. This list is available exclusively in accordance with the usage terms published here.

BrandProductNetworkUse CaseState
BrandProductNetwork*Use CaseState
GCPH – Grid Connection Point Hub
PPCLTE Smart Meter Gateway 2.0C, EMGCPready
PPCCLS Gateway (HKE)ELPC, MPCready
ProlanSteuerboxELPC, MPCready
ThebenSmart Meter Gateway CONEXACMGCPready
ThebenMehrwertmodulELPC, MPCready
VivavisFNN Control BoxELPC, MPCbeta
EMS – Energy Management System
TQ SystemsEnergy Manager EM410ELPC, MPC, OPEVready
Schneider ElectricEMSELPC, MPCannounced
be.storagedEMSELPC, MPCbeta
EMOB – E-Mobility
EbeeLadepunkt BerlinE, WLPC, MPCready
ElliCharger Connect 2C, E, WLPC, MPCannounced
ElliCharger Pro 2C, E, WLPC, MPCannounced
KostalENECTOR AC Wallbox 3.7/11 kWELPC, MPCready
Schneider ElectricEVlink Parkplatz 3ELPC, MPCbeta
MennekesAMEDIO ProfessionalELPC6, MPC6announced
MennekesAMTRON Charge Control 11 C2ELPC6, MPC6announced
HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems
VaillantmyVAILLANT connectWLPC, MPCready
DaikinAlthermaELPC, MPCready

All information provided is without guarantee. The data has been compiled to the best of our knowledge. Due to the ongoing changes in EEBUS development, outdated entries cannot be ruled out. Some updates or products are introduced incrementally and may vary by region. Feedback on current developments is welcome.
* Network integration: E = Ethernet | C = Cellular Network | W = Wi-Fi

1 from year 2022
2 from year 2023
3 from year 2024
4 not available in Germany
5 not all generations/models
6 from market launch Q4 2024